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Wireless Mobile Security Control & Home Automation

Remote Security for your Home

ADT Pulse Home Security Apps

With the ADT Pulse system you can have complete control over your home security system from anywhere at any time. Flexible and modular service packages alolow as much or as little automation and control as you like.

  • Arm and Disarm your alarm system from anywhere at any time
  • Web access from any computer with internet access
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry devices
  • View or record real time video from your home security cameras
  • Text-message or email alerts for intrusions, emergencies or custom alerts when particular people arm or disarm your system (kids, housekeeper, etc..)

Control Temperature and Lights Remotely

The ADT Pulse system can also allow you to automate and manage your homes systems remotely.

  • Turn air conditioners and furnaces off and on from your mobile device
  • Wall switches and electrical outlet modules allow remote control of lights and small appliances.

ADT Pulse for Business

The ADT Pulse system can just as easily be used for businesses as it can for homes. Help employees feel safer and more comfortable. Help prevent theft from customers and staff. Know if something goes wrong at work right immediately, even when you are away.

  • Monitor worksplace productivity from anywhere with real-time video viewing
  • Control temperature, lighting and office equipment
  • Event-Triggered Video Clips sent to your phone

Contact us for ADT-Monitored Security systems with the ADT Pulse system for home or business. Additional services offered by Alpha Security Concepts: video surveillance, fire and medical alert and intercom systems.