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CCTV Surveillance Equipment

Digital Video Surveillance Systems

Why a Digital Security Surveillance System for your Home or Business?

Digital security surveillance system technology allows for fast, simple access to recorded events without having to fast forward and rewind tape to find a particular incident. Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) associated with digital security surveillance systems typically have reduced maintenance costs and can last far longer than a VCR.

Recorded events are stored on an encrypted, Linux-based hard drive that is resistant to computer viruses and hackers. Video can be viewed from computers, or even your smartphone, over the internet.

Using Video Monitoring at Home:

  • Nanny Cams, Pet Cams or Elderly Cams to ensure your loved ones are safe
  • Deter break-ins and theft with indoor or outdoor cameras
  • View video in real time over the internet form any computer, tablet or smartphone

Using Digital Security Surveillance Technology for Business:

  • Helps deter shoplifting as well as employee theft
  • Can continuously document events so your entire business has greater protection
  • Fast and simple access to recorded events
  • May reduce maintenance costs and helps improve employee productivity
  • May help lower insurance costs and reduce fraudulent liability claims

Options with CCTV security surveillance systems include the ability to burn recorded events, customize recording schedules for each security camera, motion-triggered event and pre-event recording, as well as remote access capabilities. Many expandable system configuration options are available and can be customized to satisfy your budget.

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