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ADT Security Monitoring

ADT Security Monitoring Station

Holidays…weekends…in the middle of the night- there is never a time when the ADT-Monitored Security system is not on duty.

Alarm response time is paramount to the success of any monitored home alarm system. What happens when an intruder tries to enter a protected area of your home? As long as the ADT-Monitored Security system is installed and activated, your uninvited guest is greeted with a piercing 95-decibel security alarm.

Emergency Alarm Responce

The alarm signal is sent to ADT’s trained monitoring professionals, who are dedicated to rapid alarm response. In addition to notifying the appropriate emergency personnel, they also understand the importance of calling to ensure that your family is safe.

Trusting the rapid alarm response of the ADT-Monitored Security system to help deter trouble in your home provides you and your family with peace of mind. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ADT Security’s professional alarm monitoring centers keep an eye on your home, even when you can’t. All ADT Security alarm monitoring is handled by highly trained ADT Security professionals. Alarm monitoring is not contracted out to other providers as many other security companies do. ADT has strict and consistent training guidelines to help ensure it’s home monitoring professionals are equipped to offer nothing less than the very best service at all times.

Police Car

The same dedication to rapid alarm response also holds true for fire, medical or carbon monoxide emergencies. When someone presses any of the one-touch fire, medical and police emergency buttons to notify ADT Security of an emergency, the system sends a signal to the home alarm monitoring centers.

Break and Enter

The monitored smoke/heat detector detects smoke or unusually high temperatures and triggers the alarm to alert you and ADT Security to the potential danger. The monitored carbon monoxide detector detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in the air and alerts you quickly while also alerting the ADT Security alarm monitoring centers.

ADT’s dedication to rapid response, peace of mind, personal attention and customer satisfaction has again made the ADT Security name synonymous with outstanding home alarm system protection.

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